Dutch Income Tax Calculator

Dutch income tax calculator

Through this tax calculator you can calculate the income tax on your Dutch income. You can calculate the income tax on your Dutch income from employment and as an independent entrepreneur. Completely free calculation. On this page we also inform you about the services we provide with regard to your income tax returns.

How we handle your income tax returns

We will be happy to help you prepare your income tax returns. After you have filled in the contact form, you will receive a quotation from us. If you agree with the quotation, you will receive a checklist on the basis of which you can collect all necessary information. Once you have completed the checklist, you will receive a draft tax return. After approval, we will submit the tax return digitally to the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst).

Dutch income tax calculator

Tax deductions Dutch income tax return

Apart from the well-known 30% tax regime, there are even more deductions that can be brought in less on your taxable capital. Expat Service can, for example, help you with the deduction of study costs or specific healthcare costs. We make sure that no tax benefits are left unused. Surely you don’t want to pay more tax on your income than you should?

Income tax return service

We advise you to have your income tax returns prepared by an Expat Service specialist. We will make sure that you benefit from all tax advantages. We also prevent you from having to pay a fine to the Dutch Tax Authorities afterwards. We work quickly, efficiently and at fixed rates.

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