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  • Mission

    Expat Service helps individuals and organizations to get into their strength, enabling them to perform at their best and adapting to the heart of a society that is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex in a world that is changing exponentially fast.

  • Vision

    By offering distinctive and affordable services, Expat Service wants to ensure that people and organisations really feel that they are being helped to formulate the right strategy to generate an optimal impact on their situation and in their future.

  • Strategy

    Expat Service achieves the above through the deployment of experienced certified professionals who work together in a network so that people and organizations know that they are getting the right expertise that will actually help them further. This for a very attractive price compared to firms that charge more because they have a overhead on their clients' bills.

About expat service

We’re on a mission to help expats make smart decisions, setting them up for a better future, wherever they choose to live. We provide a fully personalised service for expats of all nationalities and (international) companies, connecting them with expert advice they can trust.

Since launching we’ve built an extensive network of expert consultants and advisers across a range of industries, including international taxation, pensions, investments, insurances and mortgages. We render services to small and midsize companies who are operating internationally, as well as to private (expat) individuals.

We solve problems, take a consultative approach to every client engagement, and find actionable solutions that will help you achieve the best outcomes. We know the importance of delivering the best customer experience.