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Deductible study costs


Our office is very experienced in supporting clients with fiscal study costs issues. The deduction of study costs from the tax return is not automatically accepted by the Dutch tax authorities because it is often paid by parents or other third parties. Our tax specialists have a great deal of experience in this area and ensure that your study costs are deducted from your tax returns.


The study costs can be deducted at least up to and including 2021 in case you paid it yourself (no reimbursement by the employer nor study allowances/grants etc). There is a threshold of € 250 and the maximum deductible study costs in a year (a tax return) is € 15.000. So in case you paid more than € 15.250 then you are entitled to a study costs deduction in your tax return of € 15.000.


Especially for foreign students the study costs can lead to a enormous tax advantages (in future years when starting to work in the Netherlands). Before you come to the Netherlands to start with you study. The study costs are offset against positive income (in most cases you salary but in some cases also your assets). The amount that could not be deducted in the year will be carry forward to the following tax year.


We strongly advise to contact us so we can help you arrange the payment of study costs in the best way to prevent discussions with the Dutch tax authorities afterwards. There are various discussions regarding the migration year and payment of the study costs whether these can be considered deductible. We can help you prevent the discussions but are also able to help with the discussion with the Dutch tax authorities about the deductibility of the study costs when the Dutch tax authorities did not approve the costs as being deductible.