Tax on income from savings and investments

box 3 tax on income from savings and investments

In Box 3, the benefit from savings and investments is taxed. In this box you list your worldwide assets and debts (only in case you are resident tax payer and you do not hold the 30%-ruling, the entire period of Dutch residency in the respective tax year). The assets may include e.g. a second/third/fourth,etc. home, bank accounts, savings accounts, shares accounts under 5%, cash, receivables, etc.

From the assets you may deduct the debts. However, there is a debt threshold of € 3,400 (per person so in case of a tax partner double the threshold). This means that the debt must be higher than the threshold so that the debt can be deducted from the assets.

The debts may include e.g. loans not related to the owner-occupied home, negative bank balances, debts for consumption needs such as a car, etc.

Calculation payable box 3 tax in the Netherlands

The income or benefit from your assets is then calculated. This is done with set percentage rates per type of assets. The rates are based on the expected benefit you could get from the type of assets that is being taxed. Bank accounts for example, have a lower rate than property. For 2024 the following benefit percentages apply:


Benefit rates

Bank accounts


Investments and other assets




The same will need to be done for the debts. There is a set percentage to apply. The outcome of this will be deducted from your total income from box 3. The result of this is the taxable income from box 3.

The next step is to add the total value of your assets together and deduct the total amount of debts (after deducting the threshold). The outcome of this the total value of your assets.

At the moment that the assets – debts is positive, then the tax-free amount of € 57,000 may be deducted (per person so in case of a tax partner double this tax-free amount). The tax-free amount is exempted on your box 3 capital.

We will then need to divide the value of your assets after deducting the exempt amount by the value of your assets without deducting the exemption. This will give us a percentage rate that we will need to apply to the taxable income.

After this the tax rate of box 3 is applied. In 2023 this is 32%, however in 2024 this rate will be increased to 34%.