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Need help with your Tax returns Netherlands?

Tax returns in The Netherlands for individuals and small business owners can be hard. We are spezialised in preparing Dutch tax returns for expatriates living in the Netherlands or abroad. We can file your tax returns remotely, you are not obliged to physically come to one of our offices. You can expect from us high quality, maximum optimization of your tax returns at very reasonable costs. You can always ask for a quotation without obligation.

All types of tax returns, i.e. both private income tax returns and tax returns for entrepreneurs. We submit your tax returns digitally to the Dutch Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst) using the appropriate C form, M form or the regular P form. Leave no tax benefits unused, use Expat Service to optimise your taxes.

The start of a new year isn’t just about New Year’s resolutions, it’s also the time to think about resolving your income tax return. In the Netherlands, the fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31. Around the first week of February the tax authorities begin sending notifications reminding you to submit your Dutch income tax return.

If you didn’t receive an invitation, be sure to double check with the tax authority, as it is your own responsibility to submit your tax return on time. In general, your Dutch tax return must be submitted before May 1. If you submit your return before April 1, then you can expect a tax assessment concerning your return before July 1.

We are a full-service consultancy firm that helps expatriates, individuals and companies to correctly comply with all Dutch tax obligations. We help you with the following services, among others.


Do you still have to file tax returns for several previous years? We will prepare your income tax returns directly for you at a reduced fee.

After Expat Service submitted your Dutch tax return, you will receive a preliminary assessment from the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst). In case you were invited by the tax authorities to submit the income tax return before May 1, and you have filed your return before April 1, you will receive notice from the tax authorities before July 1.

For returns filed after April 1, you will receive a notice after 10 to 12 weeks. If your tax return was submitted with either a C- or an M- form, it may even take up to 24 weeks or more.